Mydilab Bactoclean 500ml (Bacteria)
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Mydilab Bactoclean aims to provide good bacteria to your tanks. Bactoclean can be used in initial start-up stage and for the maintenance of freshwater and saltwater system to ensure your aquatic pet always healthy and happy. Ammonia always a problematic for aquatic organism. For instant addition of fish, BACTOCLEAN contains concentrated live bacteria allow natural bio-filter established, as it will immediately breakdown protein, problematic ammonia to harmless nitrate in order to prevent fish losses. Cycle works fast - fish feel secure! Adding MYDILAB BACTOCLEAN is an ideal for a safe aquarium start-up and essential for every time aquarium maintenance as well as after medication treatment. Advised regularly use to maintain the healthy bacteria in the aquarium while it will indirectly affect the fish health. These live bacteria are naturally safe for both freshwaters, marine as well as aquascaping. No problem for overdosage.

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